Thursday, May 24, 2012

Diaper Derby

We went to the Saint Joseph Maternity fair with some pregnant friends of ours this year. It was weird to go as a mom and not a mom-to-be... Everything wanted you to put a due date on it, but I didn't have one! Needless to say, that didn't keep me from trying to win prizes and gather all kinds of free loot!

While we were there, I registered E for the Diaper Derby. Apparently, I wasn't the only mom to go to the fair because they'd had this event scheduled where all the babies get a number put on their oh, so cute tushies and crawled from one parent to the other.

This was just a week after Evey had figured out crawling, so I didn't think she'd win, but it was fun to watch her. She was very overwhelmed and didn't even make it off the start line! We had a blast watching her, though!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

When I Grow Up

All my life, I've know that I was supposed to be a mom.

I was built for it. My heart was pieced together specifically for my little girl and I've never been so passionate as I am about my family. I have been wholly blessed and even though I can't imagine what I did in life to deserve such an amazing husband and daughter, I thank God every day for placing them in my care.

This is who I am supposed to be.

Because I knew mothering was who I would be, I've always had trouble finding my niche in life. I floundered in college because I wasn't sure what path I was supposed to follow.

The other day, I had the opportunity to share the story of Evey's birth to Central Baptist's natural labor class. It felt so good to be able to impart my small bit of wisdom to expectant mommies about how amazing it could be to have your baby naturally.

God spoke to me through that opportunity.

I finally have found my calling. On top of being a mom, this is what I'm supposed to do. Being a mom is the most amazing job in the world and I would be immensely happy if that was my only lot in life. Again, however, God had doubly blessed me! I not only get to be a mom, but I am going to have the opportunity to give other mom's the knowledge they need to give their babies the best. I'm going to have the opportunity to share the story of Evey's birth over and over and I'll get to be a part of more children's lives than I ever dreamed!

So, to make a long story short, I'm working on saving the funds to become a Bradley instructor for unmedicated labor. I will be teaching classes that are 12 weeks long to help other moms who want to have natural labor learn the techniques to help them do so! Christopher and I are so excited about the amazing new opportunity that God has provided to us!

Please be praying for me as I begin this new endeavor!

Disney On Ice

Evey's first show was Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3! We took Auntie Ali for her birthday, as I've been doing for years, but this year was much more special!

My cute little Evey Mouse!

At first, Evey loved the colored spotlights, and the colorful costumes.

But she tuckered out quickly!! It was a long show for such a little girl! I can't wait to take her next year when she knows what's going on! It's going to be great!! :) I love this tradition!

Spring Fever

We have enjoyed the spring so much! Evey loves to play in the grass and pick the flowers.She eats clover likes it when we blow the grass whistles. Christopher can't wait until she's old enough to learn that trick! She loves to be outside.

We sit in our front yard playing, and there's the sweetest kids next door. They don't speak much english, but they're in love with Evey. They always come over and give her flowers and grass that they've picked. The little girl is probably 3 and doesn't speak any english at all, but she loves Evey the most! It's so sweet to see them try to overcome that language barrier to be her friend!

We always go out to spend time in Mipa's garden. He has a hammock and a swing and lots of bright colors for Evey to see!

Eating Lamb's Ear... mommy's favorite!

Bleeding Hearts.

Lily of the Valley

A Walk in the Park

Evey and I went for a walk in the Arboretum with Mimi and Mipa. She had so much fun tasting the different flowers, playing in the water and meeting new bugs!

Evey met her first caterpillar. I don't like anything remotely "creepy" or "crawley," so I was not about to give her a wooly worm! Mimi picked it up and handed it right over. Of course, Evey was curious about the fuzzy creature that was squriming all over her hands!

What do babies do when they're curious about something new?

They stick it straight in their mouth! I was shooting pictures, even though I was totallly appalled that my mom was letting Evey play with bugs! Before we knew it, it was on it's way... My dad freaked out at the idea of Evey eating a caterpillar, and smacked it out of her hand. I was squealing with laughter and all of the commotion freaked Evey out! She started crying, but was consoled easily. It's a good thing she's too young to understand life and death at this point, because my dad knocked the caterpillar so hard, it went "splat" as soon as it made contact with the ground.

I am happy to report, that Evey left without knowing the flavor of fresh caterpillar!


Evey has always been a daredevil. We call her Evey Kineval! She loves to do backflips and be tossed into the air. She likes when we drop her (playfully, not for real!). She constantly pushes her body backwards to be upside-down. She gets this trait from her Papa. In my younger years, I'd be right by Christopher's side, riding roller coasters and climbing mountains. But now, my body doesn't handle the thrills as well as it used to.

My sweet, little thrillseeker has found a new favorite thing... Swinging!

She LOVES to swing. She can sit in the swing for hours going back and forth and spinning in circles. A few days ago, my mom was watching her for me, and they spent an hour playing out in the yard. When Mimi got her out of the swing, she pointed to it and wanted to go back in! She just can't get enough and it's so cute. I've never heard her giggle the way she does when she's swinging.