Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Fever

We have enjoyed the spring so much! Evey loves to play in the grass and pick the flowers.She eats clover likes it when we blow the grass whistles. Christopher can't wait until she's old enough to learn that trick! She loves to be outside.

We sit in our front yard playing, and there's the sweetest kids next door. They don't speak much english, but they're in love with Evey. They always come over and give her flowers and grass that they've picked. The little girl is probably 3 and doesn't speak any english at all, but she loves Evey the most! It's so sweet to see them try to overcome that language barrier to be her friend!

We always go out to spend time in Mipa's garden. He has a hammock and a swing and lots of bright colors for Evey to see!

Eating Lamb's Ear... mommy's favorite!

Bleeding Hearts.

Lily of the Valley

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