Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Milestones: Six Months

I hate that I don't have her six month blocks in these pictures! I was sick the week she turned six months, and although I'd been counting down to the 26 weeks mark since Christmas - I completely missed it!! She spent the night of the 27th with my mom because I felt so terrible, I couldn't even pick her up! It definitely didn't happen the way I had planned, but I now have a six month old. I have been a mom - through thick and thin - for half of a year. I can't believe how quickly time has passed and I LOVE more than anything watching that little girl grow and learn!

She never ceases to amaze me!

I love that gummy grin... And I have to admit that I'm happy to enter six months without teeth!!

My little ballerina - this is her natural stance, and I think it's adorable!

I cannot believe a half of a year has gone by so quickly. I can't believe I am a mom. I can't believe I have a daughter. My life since last November has been a whirlwind of unbelievable-ness and I love every minute.

There have been so many exciting moments over the past month, I hope I remember all of them!

Evey finally discovered how tasty toes are! She doesn't do it often, but she will either pull her adorable piggies into her mouth or bend over to the floor to chew on them. Her favorite toy is her pelican shape sorter, she loves pushing the different shapes into the holes and it has crinkle paper wings that she loves to flap! She loves her Fisher Price piano and stackable rings and most of all, she loves the jump-a-roo!

She has mastered the skill of flipping pages. Sometimes she flips so fast, that we have to flip backward just to finish reading the book! She also figured out how to flip the pages on my Kindle, to the point where I can't read anything from it to her.

We found out that her favorite color is orange. We probably knew it all along.... most of the toys that she clings to are orange - her Link Larkin, her Ollie the Oliphant, her bumble and her V-Tech Learn and Crawl ball. Even the rattle that she favors is mostly orange. So, there you have it!

She can sit, completely unaided, for hours at a time. If I need to run to the other room to pick something up, I can just plop her on the floor and do what I need to. I don't have to worry about balancing her or positioning her feet at all anymore. She's totally independent.

She still doesn't roll over or push-up to crawl... not that she can't. She just chooses not to unless she's on the changing table. Then she rolls everywhere. But for the most part, she'd rather be vertical.

She understands two words obviously - jump and gentle. It took lots of repetition, but she knows them well.

She recognizes and plays with other babies. That credit goes to the daycare, but I was watching Harrison earlier this month and she was talking away to her little cousin! That was the night I learned that she does NOT understand the concept of sharing... at all! She looked so offended that Harrison was playing with her toys and she would grab them out of his hands! I give that credit to daycare too... lol!!

She doesn't care for Barley cereal, but LOVES Oatmeal and Bananas. We've only done "solids" a few times, but she devours the bananas... you'd think I never fed her! As much as she loves eating real food, she's still so happy to nurse and I love that! It's still something so special that I cherish, and I look forward to six more months of that!

Her baby-fuzz is gone and her real hair is growing in. The "Friar Tuck" look that I adored so much is completely gone and she has short brown hair all over her head. It's not very long, and it's not very dark, so she still looks bald from a distance, but I tell her all the time that her hair is coming in nicely!

She laughs. Not just giggles or squeals anymore, but really laughs - like a big girl! I love that sound more than anything, but it shows me how big she's gotten!

Now that she's six months, my heart is breaking at how quickly we arrived at this point and how fleeting the time with my newborn was. But my heart is also exploding with joy and happiness at seeing all of the amazing things that she learns and how quickly she grows! Part of me can't wait to hear her first words, see those first steps and is always imagining what she will look like with hair!

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