Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sleeping Cutie

After 3 hours at the auto shop today, my girl was totally worn out. I sent her with her Papa so that I could actually get some cleaning done around the house (and for the first time since she was born, Evey's room is picked up, all her laundry is put away, the dressers, bed and bookshelves have been dusted and it was vacuumed all in the same day [and mom is exhausted...] lol!).

When he brought her in the house, I raced for the camera. I've never seen her so zonked, and I mean she was completely gone! Be sure to check out her feet. I haven't located the whereabouts of her other sock yet!

Ironically enough, her shirt says "Sleeping Cutie."

I went ahead and risked waking her up so that she could eat. It was 4pm and she hadn't eaten since 11:30am... We didn't think the car would take so long! When she was finished nursing, she was a little restless, so I gave her something to snuggle and she's been out since then.

My grandma made her some "gokys" which is what I called my silk blanket that I carried everywhere and Evey loves them! Thanks Great-Grandma Litt!!

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